The college-level curriculum for this course will prepare students for success on the College Board Advanced

Placement Examination in United States History. The exam takes place in the 1st week of May each year (specific dates will be given at a later time). Successful completion of this optional examination results in college credit, saving time and money spent at the university. The course is strongly recommended for motivated students who have a strong interest in United States history and/or plan to take the Advanced Placement Examination.

This course examines the evolution of the American republic from the initial European incursions into North America to the present.  Our investigation of the nature of American democracy includes methods, evidence, and scholarship from the areas of social, political, economic, cultural, and diplomatic history.  The course is divided into periods of time and focuses on the themes in the AP Course Description, including national identity, economic transformation, and U.S. actions on the world stage.

Advanced Placement United States History is a demanding and rigorous course, and requires daily homework.

Required reading constitutes a significant portion of what is considered homework.  The curriculum of the course demands a tight schedule, and every attempt will be made to strictly adhere to a rigid schedule so that all of the material may be covered

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